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Recent studies of the Lake Tahoe Basin have shown the need to thin our forest to maintain a healthy forest. During drought conditions the trees become stressed and weakened and susceptible to disease. By thinning the forest the remaining trees will thrive. For many years forest fires used to thin out the forest naturally but with urban development this can longer occur. It is up to all of us to remove diseased, dying, hazardous, and overcrowded trees.

We are a fully licensed and Insured Contractor proudly serving the Lake Tahoe Basin for over 20 years. TRPA approved arborist. We are extremely knowledgeable of all requirements and regulations in the enviromentally protected Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas.

We will complete all the applications, defensible space inspections, HOA guidelines, and permitting process through our highly skilled office personnel at NO extra charge to our valued clients.

Owned and Operated by Beth Moxley | ISA Certified Arborist | #WE8460A


Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Trimming / Pruning, Tree Evaluation & Preservation Services.

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